11 Dec 2019 g810-led - Simple Linux tool that allows you to manage your Logitech gaming keyboard backlight

Today I needed to change my Logitech G213 keyboard backlight (from dark/disabled to white). I found a simple Linux tool that allows me to easily change it.

It’s named g810-led (if you are an Ubuntu 19.04+ user, you can get it from universe repository)

This tool is really simple to use, if you want to change one of five available regions, just type

[email protected]:~$ sudo g213-led -r 5 2ffdff
[email protected]:~$ sudo g213-led -r 4 ffffff
[email protected]:~$ sudo g213-led -r 3 aaaaaa
[email protected]:~$ sudo g213-led -r 2 2ad34d
[email protected]:~$ sudo g213-led -r 1 9dks3d

or sudo g213-led -a ffffff to make whole keyboard white :)

PS. Replace g213-led with your keyboard model. Available regions may be diffrent for every keyboard.